Jack Masters Presents... The Original Basement Waterproofing Handbook - 7th Edition

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Just released today... Kindle Version of the new 7th editing of The Original Basement
Waterproofing Handbook!

Recent News on The Original Basement Waterproofing Handbook.  Just out!...Revised, enhanced, and expanded 7th Edition - June, 2012...


Here's the premise:

You Own a home.
Your home has a basement.
Your home is 25 or more years old.

Here's the problem:

You have up to a 90% chance (depending on where you live) that your basement has a moisture problem - up to and including water leaks and even flooding. The cost for repairs can range from about $1500.00 to over $10,000.00.

Here's the challenge:

Try to find any reliable, consumer oriented, information that will guide you toward the best solution to your water problems.

I'll save you a lot of trouble - this type of information is simply not available. Even the largest book stores and libraries won't be able to help you much. Available home improvement books devote a paragraph here and a page there to this important subject, but overall this information tends to be superficial some of it is dated and some of it is down right wrong.

There is a solution. "THE ORIGINAL BASEMENT WATERPROOFING HANDBOOK" is here! Not only does the handbook provide detailed information about the basement waterproofing industry, but also it provides solid easy to understand solutions for such subjects as:

  • Where is all this water coming from?
  • Is a wet basement a sign of a poorly constructed home?

  • Why should I bother to repair a wet basement?
  • What steps can I take to repair the problem myself?
  • What are some of the things I should not do if my basement is leaking?
  • Is an exterior or interior waterproofing system better?
  • How should a really effective basement waterproofing system be put together?
  • How much should I pay for a waterproofing system?
  • What should I look for in a waterproofing contractor?

There is an entire chapter that answers questions most frequently asked by home owners. There are extensive notes on historic restorationsas well.

In addition to being a fine Do-It-Yourself guide, "THE ORIGINAL BASEMENT WATERPROOFING HANDBOOK" also provides the detailed information necessary for the construction novice to negotiate confidently with waterproofing experts to have the best system built for them - at a fair price. "THE ORIGINAL BASEMENT WATERPROOFING HANDBOOK" is fully illustrated and spiral bound in soft covers. Sourcing information for all waterproofing system parts is provided.


Jack Masters has been in and out of the construction industry since 1955. Four years of full time on-site research into hundreds of homes went into the writing of this book.

Jack Masters accepts no advertising and is not associated with any waterproofing or construction company


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